Creative practitioners rely on sampling to understand, explore, and construct problems; or gather resources for later use. Despite practitioners’ ability to experience immersive environments, sampling from them remains limited to primarily visual captures (e.g., screenshots, videos), which overlook the richness and variety of available media. To address these challenges, we describe “Immersive Sampling” as a new way to frame information gathering in the context of immersive environments. In the context of Immersive Sampling, practitioners engage in experiencing immersive environments while capturing, organizing, revisiting, and remixing found content. We situate this subset of tasks in literature and argue for their importance for emerging, future content creation domains. To further explore how Immersive Sampling might take place, we created VRicolage, a proof-of-concept prototype showcasing a set of interactions in Virtual Reality to sample, revisit, and remix captures. Given the democratization of immersive environments, Immersive Sampling provides practitioners with a means to collect, revisit, and remix digital materials.

The final version, presented at ACM DIS 2023 is available in the ACM Digital Library: 10.1145/3563657.3596131